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Title: “AI and High-Skilled Work: Evidence from Analysts”

Policymakers fear artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt labor markets, especially for high-skilled workers. We investigate this concern using novel, task-specific data for security analysts. Exploiting variation in AI’s power across stocks, we show analysts with portfolios that are more exposed to AI are more likely to reallocate efforts to soft skills, shift coverage towards low AI stocks, and even leave the profession. Analyst departures disproportionately occur among highly accurate analysts, leaving for non-research jobs. Reallocating efforts toward tasks that rely on social skills improve consensus forecasts. However, increased exposure to AI reduces the novelty in analysts’ research which reduces compensation.

Presenter: Jillian Grennan (Duke University)

Coauthors: Roni Michaely (The University of Hong Kong)

Discussant: Elisabeth Kempf (Harvard Business School)