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October 9, 2023

Paper: Money, Time, and Grant Design

Presenter: Wei Yang Tham (Harvard)

Coauthors: Kyle Myers (Harvard)

Discussant: Carolyn Stein (UC Berkeley)

October 23, 2023

Paper: Mega Firms and Recent Trends in the U.S. Innovation: Empirical Evidence from the U.S. Patent Data (pdf)

Presenter: Yuheng Ding (World Bank)

Coauthors: Serguey Braguinsky, Joonkyu Choi, Karam Jo & Seula Kim

Discussant: Tim Simcoe (Boston Univ.)

November 6, 2023

Paper: Does ESG Investing Help VC Funds to Attract Startups? Experimental Evidence (pdf)

Presenter: Ye Zhang (SSE)


Discussant: Emanuele Colonnelli (Booth)

November 13, 2023

Paper: Student-run Workshop

Presenter: PhD students


Discussant: TBD

December 4, 2023

Paper: “From Competitors to Partners: Banks’ Venture Investments in Fintech”

Presenter: Yiming Qian (UConn)

Coauthors: Manju Puri (Duke) and Xiang Zheng (Uconn)

Discussant: Paul H. Beaumont (McGill)